felucca nile sailing

A felucca is a sailboat from 8 to 13 meters along the Nile, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.


It may have one or two sails and one or two masts inclined towards the bow. Her veil is trapezoidal which distinguishes it from the Latin triangular sail. The crew is usually composed of 2 or 3 people and it can receive 7/8 passengers maximum.


Today, feluccas are used to perform ballads and cruises on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan.


2018  / 2019 prices




       the trip 4 days / 3 nights felucca from 180 USD per person


on a base of 4 people. Groups and school, tapering rates, your quote request.



  - In the sense Esnah / Aswan or Aswan / Esnah choice.


  - October, November, March, April and May are the best months for a trip felucca.


  - Or tailor made trip , one night, two night, three nights ..... 5 nights, ask our pricing!






      A felucca cruise is  a rustic trip, there is no cabin, no amenities on the felucca, the toilet is made with water from the Nile and beds on mattresses arranged in the vessel that is equipped a canvas, forming a tent for the night.