dahabiya royal cruise on the Nile

a cruise can be made from 3 nights / 4 days

Welcome to dahabiyaroyalcruise.com , cruise on a traditional dahabiya or rent your own sailboat and cruise the Nile like in the days of the Pharaos . So embark aboard a great tradition of travel on the Nile , our's Majestic dahabiya's . The original vision and attention to detail in traditional  boat building combined  with the uncompromising luxury and comfort of modern time make traveling on our dahabiyas and unrivaled choice for your Nile adventure. " with dahabiyaroyalcruise.com, you will discover the true nature of Egypt... !  " 

IMPORTANTE INFORMATION :  Egyptair and many European flight compagnies offer direct flights to Cairo or Luxor. Egyptair offert direct flights from Cairo to Luxor. Check online or via your regular travel agency.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE : Royal Cruise Cairo - Luxor - Aswan sailing a dahabiya or sandal 16 days sailing cruise on the Nile for your group eventually tailor made program.



The DAHABIYA was the normal way to ascend the Nile .At the period of 1920 - 1940's it was commonly used during those elegant days of monarchy when aristocrats, pashas, emirs, sultans and sophisticated travellers love to cruise the Nile in style and even after that they remained somewhat popular amongst  the wealthy. It took from 2 to 3 months to ascend the Nile under wind power and a month and a half to float back down stream, stopping at the great temples along the way.


The Dahabiya's were popular amongst those who wished to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely place, to drink on the landscape and peruse the monuments and villages on the riverbanks . Now days, we have revived those elegant days with modern comfort and conveniences.


Welcome to DAHABIYA ROYAL CRUISE, your unique adventures on the Nile.